Meta E-Commerce Update
Meta aims to make in-stream purchases more efficient by making changes to Shop Ads on Instagram and Facebook, initially focusing on US brands. The company is investing in AI and automation tools to improve campaign performance and user actions. The goal is to simplify the setup of in-app checkout shops for US businesses and enhance the shopping experience for users.

TikTok Shop
TikTok recently invited selected brands and creators to be the first to sign up for the TikTok Shop and test the beta version of the program. TikTok Shop is an e-commerce solution designed to boost revenue and brand growth on the platform, allowing users to discover and purchase products from their favorite creators and brands.

Pinterest partners with Amazon to enable Amazon advertisers to extend their campaigns on Pinterest. The integration provides a seamless product presentation and purchase process. This collaboration brings more brands and relevant products to the platform, offering additional opportunities for Promoted Pins and increasing Pinterest’s revenue potential.

New Instagram Features
Instagram is currently testing Public Group Stories, an extension of the original Group Stories, where selected members can collaboratively create a publicly visible story. Additionally, Instagram is experimenting with displaying Share Counts on posts and showing Story Likes for 48 hours.