Our client portfolio is growing with a new family member: HelloFresh. The world’s most popular provider of cooking boxes and Joli Berlin are going on a joint journey! It makes us incredibly proud to accompany a company whose values align with ours and we support with all our heart – professionally as well as privately!

As a founder, entrepreneur and mom, I am challenged by three full-time jobs every day. Sometimes there is little room for planning, shopping and preparing healthy meals. HelloFresh supports me in creating delicious, fresh and varied meals without stress, more flexibility and a sustainable approach.
Sustainability, flexibility, variety, and convenience – nothing else comes in the bag or the box! Founded in 2011, the company now provides healthy food lovers worldwide with balanced, home-cooked meals.

HelloFresh is also establishing itself as an ambassador for sustainability. The company optimizes its packaging inregards to environmentally -friendly aspects, endeavours to become climate-neutral and reduce food waste. A mega success, we think!

“Creating a new reality for home cooking” is the campaign message of HelloFresh x Joli Berlin. Under this claim, we have already won many committed influencers for our brand value campaign! Together with them, we are setting the goal to create unique content, generate buzz around HelloFresh values and turn TikTok into Cooktok!

Elisa, David and me are already providing all curious foodies out there a little HelloFresh campaign sneak preview. Stay tuned for the next coup of our success trip!

@hellofresh_deFoodwaste reduzieren & lecker mexikanisch kochen? 🤙🇲🇽 mit @foodie.beats 😋 kein Problem #lessfoodwaste #hellofreshde #einfachbesseressen
@hellofresh_deBaustelle Kochkünste?🙅🏻‍♂️ Macht‘s wie @Marek Fritz 😋 😋 🤌🏼 #hellofresh #hellofreshde #foodtiktok #einfachbesseressen
@hellofresh_deKeine Lust auf Nudeln mit Ketchup? Aus über 30 Gerichten bei HelloFresh auswählen und mehr Abwechslung auf dem Teller genießen. #einfachbesseressen