Our clients have achieved outstanding performance results with Joli Berlin and the intelligence that we’ve provided them. The latest technological standard, along with authentic content creators, continue inspiring us to connect brands with people. This perfect brand-creator match lies at the heart of every campaign. Below you can find a selection of our case studies.

Our Mission

Every brand has its glow, and we love to spread ours for our clients. We do this by looking after their brand purpose, translating it into social media ready language and identifying the right influencers to lend their voices. As creative bridge builders, we match brands, content creators, and target groups to maximize impact and reach.

"A precise evaluation of data is the basis of every campaign with Joli, which not only helps to find the right content creators, but also enables accurate predictions to be made about sales rates, impressions and conversions."

“Precise data evaluation is the foundation of every campaign with Joli. This not only helps find the right content creators but also allows for accurate predictions on sales rates, impressions, and conversions.”

About Us

Joli Berlin was founded by Jonas Kunow and Lina Arnold in 2018. After working in banking and online marketing, they saw a gap in the market in a field previously dominated by brand awareness campaigns. They decided to build a new platform for data-driven influencer marketing. Our growing team is working towards our vision of making social media marketing both more transparent and measurable.

Our Team

We are a team of best in class marketers with a goal of providing an exceptional level of service. We are committed to building lasting partnerships with our clients and having fun along the way!

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