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Clear measurability instead of gut feeling. This promise can be fulfilled by Jolis self-developed tech platform Joli Intelligence. It measures campaigns according to predefined KPIs such as clicks, sales and bookings. Marketers can see exactly which post generates which conversion in real time - including accurate forecasts.

Feature one

Joli Intelligence helps to collect and monitor all your social media campaigns at one glance. Just select your influencer, the social media channel and save all relevant information

Feature Two

While using our platform, you can finally track and measure your campaign with more KPIs than reach. We track all clicks to your brands service / product and evaluate the origin and quality of these. Geo-split, OS-split and conversion data are the key to your campaigns success.

Feature Three

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The holistic approach is the unique selling point of the service - classic platforms usually only analyze the reach. With its proprietary development, Joli Berlin offers brands for the first time the actual impact content creators: clicks on landing pages, sales in e-commerce, and installs of mobile apps.

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