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Every brand has its glow, and we love to spread yours to the world.

Through Joli’s intelligence platform, we have achieved concrete performance results that ultimately elevate our client’s brand image.

At Joli, we leverage creative storytelling and data-driven targeting to maximize your brand’s TikTok ad performance and engagement.

Precise data evaluation is the foundation of every campaign with Joli. This not only helps find the right content creators but also allows for accurate predictions on sales rates, impressions, and conversions, ensuring your paid media efforts are both strategic and impactful.

Our Work

Joli is a partner with global leaders in fashion, technology, beauty, lifestyle, and various other industries. We understand that each brand has unique stories to tell, and we take pride in our ability to customize content and campaigns to suit your specific needs and set you apart from the competition.


Client Goal: Reach, Follower, App Installs & In-App Events
46.5% better CPA than Client Target
38.6% better CPM than Client Target
40 Million Impressions generated


Client Goal: Traffic to Amazon Store
35% better CPM than benchmark
29% better CPC than benchmark
~100k Clicks


Client Goal: Reach, Follower, Traffic
35% higher CTR than Benchmark
67% lower CPC than Benchmark
50% Hook Rate

@okcupid What are your dating non-negotiables? #okcupid #datingapp ♬ original sound - OkCupid
@cenkgooo Anzeige I Cenkgo mag es gesund @vitavateofficial #vitavate #vitaminwasser ♬ Originalton - CENKGO
What we offer

We create high-performing video ads that will make them stop scrolling

Media Buying

Efficiently executing Auction, R&F, and Reservation Campaigns while leveraging both Premium and Standard Interactive Add-ons.


Delivering Post Campaign Analysis (PCA) and Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR).


Ensuring optimal ad performance and implementing Brand Lift Studies.

Audience Management

Supporting audience creation, insights, and optimal attribution window definition.

Commerce / VSA

Implementing core commerce solutions through Product Sales/VSA campaigns and developing Catalog/VSA video content.

Test & Learn (Split Tests)

Conducting Creative, Targeting, Bidding & Optimization Split Tests as well as Observational Tests to refine campaign strategies.

Community Management

Monitoring and managing ad comments and interactions.

Creative Tools

Using creative tools, including CapCut, Video Editor, Video Insights, and our agency-owned tools, to enhance ad performance.


Results in Real-Time

Navigating through international markets including DACH, UK, FR, IT, NL, NORDICS, ES, US & CA, Joli stands as your one-stop comprehensive service provider, managing everything from creatives to media buying, test & learn, creative iteration, and scaling. Our dedicated TikTok Media Buying Expertise & Trainings, ensure we are always ahead, acquainted with the latest TikTok innovations in real-time.
At Joli, we’re driving client success by merging outstanding results with innovative technology and authentic content creators, seamlessly connecting brands with people.


Impressions Generated





About Us

Every brand has its glow, and we love to spread ours to our clients.Joli, founded by Jonas Kunow and Lina Arnold in 2018, was born from a vision to fill a gap in a market previously dominated by brand awareness campaigns. They decided to build a new platform for data-driven social media marketing.


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As we expand globally, with offices in Berlin, LA, Hamburg, and London, we serve diverse markets across Europe and the US, ensuring our strategies are attuned to various market dynamics.
Our team of best in class marketers provides an exceptional level of service and works together towards our vision of making social media marketing more transparent and measurable.
We are committed to building lasting partnerships with our clients and having fun along the way!

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