Beauty begins with the truth. With this powerful and revolutionary philosophy, Paula Begoun founded one of the world’s first online beauty brands, Paula’s Choice, in 1995.

Worried by how ineffective skincare products on the market were, the American known as “The Cosmetics Cop” put an end to the guessing game surrounding perfect skincare. Her life’s work – the establishment, development, and management of a scientific foundation for the beauty industry – is now considered a major breakthrough in the industry.

It makes us incredibly proud to translate the company’s mission with the help of the best content creators. On all channels, we wanted to expand the brand’s fan base by focusing on its sustainability. The products are free of fragrances and other skin-irritating substances, are never tested on animals, and employ as little packaging as possible.

Paula’s Choice Skincare Education Specialist Valerie Bleeker
and aesthetic dermatologist Dr. Emi Arpa (l.t.r.)

Moreover, we’re happy that our beloved client could win a prominent supporter for long-term cooperation in Dr. Emi Arpa. Like no other, Dr. Emi brings together aesthetic medicine, dermatology, and natural beauty. As a renowned skincare expert, she values the anatomy of her customers, advocates the preservation of individuality, and enlightens countless fans on her Instagram and TikTok Channel by dispelling common beauty myths.

With Paula’s Choice Skincare Education Specialist Valerie Bleeker, she’s now introducing the latest member of the brand family: The Skin Perfecting 25% AHA + 2% BHA Exfoliant Peel. Developed for people with demanding skin, the peeling delivers both a superficial and deep cleansing effect, effectively fighting deep wrinkles and advanced skin aging.

During the Skin School, the two specialists explain the application and effects of the peeling, which is unique within the Paula’s Choice skincare series. Beauty enthusiast Dr. Emi sees the brand’s latest product as a coherent addition to the product portfolio:

“I love washable peelings that are based on an intensive, balanced acid mix. The Paula’s Choice 25% AHA + 2% BHA Exfoliant scrub achieves an immediate effect and makes my spa time in my own bathroom so enjoyable!”

We are super excited about the future of this brilliant cooperation, and we look forward to its inspiring outcome! Stay tuned!