Plant-based fruit gums for everybody! Katjes and Joli Berlin are reaching for the stars together: our customer expanded to the United States market in the summer of 2021. Earlier this year, we did the same by opening our Joli office in Los Angeles. We are now glad to announce that our trust-based and passion-driven collaboration (or love story) with Katjes continues in the American market.

We are incredibly excited to support Katjes in its positioning as the plant-based fruit gum in the US market while at the same time helping to drive the company’s Pro People, Pro Animals, and Pro Environment mission with all our might

Founded in 1950, the famous confectionery manufacturer set standards early on and established itself on the German market as a trendsetter regarding product innovation and sustainability. Since the end of the nineties, the family-owned company has used only natural colorings in its fruit gums, has dispensed with animal gelatine in its range since 2016, and produces its sweets in a climate-neutral way.

Joli Berlin is responsible for the media budget of Katjes USA, accompanying all strategic and creative processes and supporting the Katjes brand with the selection of suitable content creators. Our primary focus is on value-driven social media communication, which, linked to the Katjes product range, helps the brand grow into a love brand.

For our first campaign in the US, we focused on micro-influencers who, under the hashtag #breakthebias, called for breaking with conventions by celebrating out-of-the-box thinkers. That’s precisely Katjes’ life-affirming philosophy, translated here by a diverse and dazzling creator collective.

With more than two million impressions, the campaign was a huge success, and a creator reel produced in our content production studio achieved the best performance. This excellent result encouraged both Joli and Katjes to take the bold step of expanding our brands’ presence and business activities in the USA.

Just in time for Pride Month, Joli Berlin and Katjes are launching their next collaboration: an awareness campaign linking diversity and inclusion with colorful Rainbow fruit gums. At Joli, we look forward to the future of this meaningful collaboration with anticipation and excitement!

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