Videographer Lennard, Elisa and Influencer Chris (from left) at Oumph! fever!

OUMPH!, HOW GOOD IS THAT! In the beginning of October, Oumph!, the Scandinavian producer of vegan meat alternatives, celebrated the opening of their first-ever pop-up Späti in Berlin-Mitte. We were there, following our Oumphies and influencers closely to capture every single inch of great content.

Tasty treats, freshly prepared in the Oumph! food truck, brought local foodies one step closer to the vegan Garden of Eden, serving only the very best of the brand’s mouthwatering signature dishes. The cherry on top of this delicious event was the comet-like launch of Oumph!’s very own TikTok channel. Within a matter of three days, influencer jamel.jamael amassed more than three million views, an incredible 86,000 likes and more than 700 comments with his TikTok interpretation. WOW! Visual impressions of the event captured by our very own Elisa and videographer Lennard were also much acclaimed within the community.

With high-quality produce made from European soybeans, Oumph! makes a bold statement in support of a better and greener future. So the international hype around this Livekindly Co. brand comes as no surprise.

People gathering at the Oumph! pop-up Späti in Mitte!

That’s why we’re incredibly proud to be part of this journey that once began with Oumph! chef and taste manager Andres Ankan Lindén. As part of the campaign, we brought together nine authentic food creators, including community favourites such as Chris Washington, a.k.a. veganewunder, and Beate from foodie.beasts. Each of them received an Oumph! box with a selection of vegan products to use as part of their creations, presenting Oumph! in a fresh and unique light. We’re super excited and can’t wait to share the incredibly creative content our creators have come up with!

But there’s more good news: More German supermarkets are now stocking sustainable, cruelty-free Oumph! meals in their freezer aisles.

The message is clear: Let’s all be kind and kill boring!