LET’S CELEBRATE! OMR has announced the Rising Stars in the TikTok sky this October. Excitingly, two of our beloved brands Zalando and Ahoj-Brause were among the top 15, taking third (981,000 views per post) and sixth position (328,000 views per post) respectively as newcomers.
Zalando’s loyal community now comprises more than one million followers. This incredible amount also qualifies Europe’s most innovative fashion platform in fourth place when comparing total follower numbers in general. A fantastic achievement in the face of strong and numerous competition!

These great performances were the result and reward of our passionate collaboration with both amazing clients.

At Joli, we always make sure that our videos are in tune with the TikTok-Zeitgeist, ensuring we only cooperate with dynamic and authentic creators. Our reward for this is the outstanding number of views from the community which makes us incredibly proud and motivates us further to create new success stories everyday!

Stay tuned as we continue our amazing journey!

These collaborative rankings are based on data collected from the DACH region. OMR and Infludata subdivide their evaluations into different categories. The focus of this text is related to the average views per post within the last 30 days in addition to the community size of the label accounts with creators shown in a separate category. The largest knowledge and inspiration platform of the digital and marketing scene including the social analytics tool also distinguishes between German and international content.