Tasty AND vegan chocolade. Not possible? It certainly is. Please meet our client Katjes newest addition the family: Chocjes.

Katjes – the renowned German sweet manufacturer – launched the revolutionary chocolate and we couldn’t be more proud to help to make the public aware of the delicious newbie. And whats even more exciting: unlike many other manufacturer, Katjes decided to opt out on the soy milk as a substitute. Chocjes is made with oat milk and therefor even makes soy critics to Chocjes fans.

To promote Chocjes and the newly launched online shop of Chocjes, Joli Berlin sourced content creators, who not only have an addiction to sweets but also a high engagement- and conversion rate. This way, we made sure to reach a maximum of impact, reach and conversions.

The result: Let us tell you so much. The communities love Chocjes and the possibility to order their favorite chocolate online.