It’s a Match! We are incredibly proud to announce that we are on board as TikTok’s official marketing partner in the Creative Exchange cosmos! Hurray! Since last October, we’ve been supporting lovely brands and businesses on their journey to take TikTok advertisement to the next level.

The TikTok Creative Exchange Partners Program brings marketers and certified experts together on a digital platform. This is slightly reminiscent of modern dating apps in its structure. Marketers create a public profile on which they share detailed, project-related information. Recommendation algorithms compare the data provided with that of the TikTok partner profiles and suggest a match with a high degree of similarity. The decision to collaborate is made equally by both parties. A dashboard provides information on the status quo and output of the project throughout its entire duration, while real-time exchange via chat ensures fluent communication.

Thanks to numerous creative campaigns and brand launches and our operational proximity to TikTok, we know the core principles that inspire audiences and significantly influence the success of a campaign. The TikTok Creative Exchange Program creates a lively exchange and gives us the unique opportunity to share our know-how with brands from different backgrounds. Together with our clients, we write happy ending love stories, aka a unique access to the TikTok community!

Our own Matthew draws the first balance:

“We accompanied 23 brands from the European region so far. Now we are expanding our presence to the American market as well. The demand is great, and our concepts fall on fertile ground with marketers. It makes us incredibly happy to help companies from diverse industries achieve their ambitious business goals!”

Thinking of future dates, we are already love-struck and insanely excited for more inspiring exchanges!

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