The grandson serves his grandma a delicious Oumph!-Meal!

Let’s go plant-based! In Veganuary, Katjes and Oumph! make the hearts of vegan sweet tooths (and all those who want to become one) beat faster. While Katjes is revolutionizing candy store shelves with vegan, rainbow-colored fruit gums, supplier of plant-based meat alternatives Oumph! is calling for “Adopt a Meatlover!”.
We are incredibly proud to support our two lovely customers with all our drive for passion and action, as they advocate for sustainable food choices.

Since its founding in 2014, the Veganuary organization has been encouraging people around the world to go vegan in January – and preferably for all the months that follow. The campaign recorded over five million participants last year, a huge success! Within Germany, more than 200 food and non-food companies take part in the campaign and encourage aspiring vegans by developing and selling innovative plant-based products.

Janek prepares tasty and vegan oumph! burgers for his Ehrenomi.

Influencers such as Theo Carow aka theocarow and Elena aka kindofelena are promoting the vegan lifestyle on the Katjes TikTok Channel. With no limits to creativity, they created inspiring and cool content under the motto “Show us your #herbivore move”. The main role is played by the new Katjes Wunderland Rainbow Edition, which beams our content creators into colorful worlds!

Katjes Wonderland fruit gums taking Elena somewhere over the rainbow!

“Adopt A Meatlover and feed them Oumph!” is the cheeky and fun campaign slogan of the Livekindly Co. brand. The message behind it is clear: Show your tastebuds how delicious and easy plant-based eating can be, and encourage your social circle to go Veganuary together. In support, foodies are presenting their favorite vegan food on the Oumph! TikTok feed under the hashtag #adoptameatlover, showcasing the product variety of the Scandinavian start-up. Delicious!

With all our effort and know-how, we’re empowering two companies on a path that keeps our world livable and vibrant. We couldn’t be happier about it! Stay tuned for the next stages of this wonderful journey.