TikTok is celebrating Pride Month with a variety of in-app and real-life activations, focusing on highlighting LGBTQIA creators and their contributions. Initiatives include the inaugural Pride Visionary Voices List recognizing impactful LGBTQIA+ creators and small businesses, promotion of LGBTQIA+ non-profit organizations, and curated Pride playlists. TikTok is also hosting its first-ever TikTok Pride Creator Ball in Los Angeles and a series of themed live events, including a ‘Pride on LIVE’ creator-led panel. These initiatives reflect TikTok’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and unity through shared experiences.

Snapchat is introducing new features for Pride Month, such as Spotlight challenges, themed Bitmoji clothing in collaboration with Nike, and augmented reality (AR) elements. The Spotlight challenges, where users can win a portion of $40,000, will allow Snapchatters to participate more in the event’s celebration. Additionally, Snapchat’s new SEEN Camera experience will guide users in sharing their personal stories related to Pride Month. Furthermore, Snapchat will be launching more themed lenses, filters, stickers, and captions throughout the month.

Pinterest is set to celebrate Pride Month with an array of dedicated programs, including live streams, shopping spotlights, and a new partnership with RuPaul’s Drag Race winner, Sasha Colby. The platform aims to highlight LGBTQIA+ creators and educate users on LGBTQIA+ travel destinations, self-expression, and wellness. Moreover, Pinterest has observed a rising interest in gender expression and queer fashion, taking this as an opportunity to promote positivity, inclusion, and offering brands a chance to engage users through themed promotions.