Curtain up and applause for our new Joli family member: Welcome, Marie-Josephine Ludewig! As a Director, Creative Strategy, Josephine – nicknamed Josie – is building up our creative collective at the Berlin Headquarter. Passionate and imaginative, the 31-year-old develops new ideas and concepts for our clients, supports in-house production together with her team and helps our wonderful Joli Brand Family grow. With Josephine we’re proudly gaining an experienced professional who will support us in bringing creative and data-driven processes together under one roof–a first in the agency landscape.

After a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration at the FHDW in Hannover, her hometown, Josie completed her studies with an MBA in media management at the Hamburg Media School. Now she dives into the endless expanses of the agency world as a campaign manager – and also sits on the other side of the table as a brand marketing manager of a world-renowned mobile dating app provider.

Josie describes the encounter with Joli Berlin as a match made in heaven:

“Joli thinks influencer marketing in terms of trends and turns its back on long-outdated campaign patterns. Jonas and Lina make for a fantastic working environment where everyone is motivated to do their best and having fun in business is the biggest thing! They are pioneers in recognising the market’s great need to close the gap between performance- and creative-oriented work. We look at the agency landscape through the same lens, which excites me!”

As an influencer marketing enthusiast from the very beginning, Josie is a strong communicator and she is fascinated by the image transfer between brand and creator. In her opinion, the advancements of digitalisation and influencer marketing are taking this interaction to a whole new level.

“Everybody can acquire reach and a star character, Generation Z has mastered their craft. This creates an insanely large pool of a multitude of exciting personalities that we connect with different brands and that enable us to realize impressive, authentic campaigns. If you look at influencers and co-creators as creatives and let them implement their signature, you’re taking the most efficient route to placing messages effectively on social networks.”

Currently, Josie is dedicating her attention to further developing the creative strategy team, internal communication and establishing new processes, as well as networking with the other Joli team leads.

“Data-driven and creative and imaginative marketing need to go hand in hand to achieve the best possible result. Even the most creative ad is only successful if it is played out correctly and noticed by the target group. Conversely, it takes an outstandingly innovative ad to really capture the attention of this target group. Since both areas merge so seamlessly, the teams behind them should also be united in one agency and be in close exchange. Efficient success requires mutual understanding and holistic marketing thinking.”

Full of joy and excitement, we look to the future of influencer marketing and are excited to see what challenges and opportunities the new phase holds for us!