Go for red! The color of love belongs in every beauty bag, as it makes our eyes magically shine and gives us a fabulous appearance full of self-confidence and power! The absolute classic among lipsticks is taking our hearts and daily make-ups by storm. Dior launched the Rouge Dior Couture shades as a refill, an important contribution to making the premium beauty industry more sustainable. 

We are incredibly proud to support Dior Beauty’s latest launch with a TikTok campaign that celebrates beauty and personal expression by inspiring audiences worldwide. Focusing on the brand’s sustainable approach, we’ll help the House of Dior in its goal to operate according to the principles of climate and resource protection.

Under the hashtags #WeWearRouge, #RougeDior and #DiorMakeup, influencers like Xenia Adonts and Soulin Omar celebrate their ‘Get Ready’ moment with the luxury brand’s products. The main focus is on the different shades of the Rouge Dior Refill collection and the mechanism of the elegant, reusable case. 

In dynamic and exciting TikToks, the content creators show the versatility of the new accessory. Along the way, they encourage their communities to think that red lipstick is not just for special occasions, but gives every outfit and moment in life a power boost. Put it on thick? Yes please! 

We’re looking forward to the future of this passion-driven creative collaboration and we are excited to help bring the work of visionary artist Christian Dior into the present! 

@xeniaadonts help me pick my Rouge Dior lipstick💄I'm wearing the shades 100 Nude Look, 458 Paris, 720 Icône, 999 @Dior #WeWearRouge #RougeDior #DiorMakeup ♬ Flashy jingle bells with high tension - Masucu
@soulinoomar #ad I like Rouge @Dior - discover my favorite refillable Rouge Dior shades💄 #WeWearRouge #RougeDior #DiorMakeup ♬ original sound - SOULIN
@taynari My Make-up varies depending on my mood & since I have different moods I need different colors of lipsticks @dior #WeWearRouge #RougeDior #DiorMakeup ♬ Originalton - taynarajoy